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SajFit Elderberry Syrup Healthy

For thousands of years Elderberry syrup as been used as a holistic remedy to heal sickness, colds, flus and immune system deficiencies. Our product is geared for optimum healing with an amazing power punch of natural flavor that is made from fresh from fresh ingredients. Bottle is 4oz


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What Is Irish Moss aka Sea Moss?

Seamoss or other wise known as Irish moss and scientifically called chondrus crispus is a sea kelp/algae first to be found in the Cold waters of the Atlantic ocean. It contains high amounts of calcium, iodine, fatty acids such as omega 3's and also contains a high amino acid profile for protien source. Seamoss is considered one of the most nutrient and mineral rich food on the planet. It can be used in many different ways orally taking it straight or adding it into smoothies, oatmeal, teas, and yogurt and topically on your skin. Seamoss provides the necessary minerals to make your skin glow and look flawless as well. There are numerous benefits to seamoss such as improving immunity and fighting off colds & flus, anti viral, anti inflammatory, remove mucus from the body, aids in digestion, aids in weight loss, helps recover and fight cancer, helps with radiation poisoning, eczema & rashes relief, thyroid health, diabetes, blood pressure, building stringer hair, nails, skin, teeth and bones. Also loaded with vitamins A,B,C & D.

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Blueberry & Seeds


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Customers reviews

The Goji berry and blueberry seamoss gel taste amazing. Looking forward to trying the elderberry next!
- Sabri Thompson
I opted to go with the stage 1 detox for the goals I discussed with Sean, I feel so energized and not to mention down 16 lbs in two weeks. My blood pressure and blood sugar levels are the best they have been in years. Highly recommend!!
- Justin Brown
I've been taking seamoss for over 10 years for its multiple health benefits and Sajfit seamoss gel is the cleanest and puresest Ive tasted! I don't know how he does it but I found my go to source. All the best!
- Adam Williams