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Benefit Become An Affiliate

Welcome to our SajFit product affiliate program. Our brand has been growing at extraordinary rates and we like to extend our growth opportunity to the people just like you! Every year has been a year full of elevation. Currently through 2022 we have earned $70,000 in revenue. Each quarter our profits have grown between 20-25%. From our growth index we are evaluated and on track to to make 2x of our gross projection to $140,000 next year in 2023! And you have the opportunity to be apart of this life changing transformation. The requirements for our affiliates are having three or more years in the sales field, marketing and good social skills. The starting compensation rate is 20% of any item that is sold with your custom made affiliate link. This is the rate you will start with by bringing $2,000 A month to the business. After $2,000 you will move into the next tier of 25% capping at $3500 a month. 30% capping at $5000 a month. 40% capping at $10,000 a month. 50% compensation at $10,001 a month. To apply for a affiliate position click the sign up button below, we will review your application and contact you to reach out for an interview! Let’s grow abs help people achieve health and economical goals!
Sincerely, Sean James CEO of SajFit LLC